Customer Experience Tech Analysis

Customer Experience Quantified

CETA, Customer Experience Technical Analysis, is a consulting engagement used to remove the speculation around CX and quantify the customer experience for automated interactions that occur with your company.

From this process you will understand the steps required to achieve your CX goals and layout the best course of action.

Customer Experience Technical Analysis

This is critical for your business because improving Customer Experience will:

  • Lower Contact Center Cost
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Brand Loyalty and Awareness
  • Increase Revenue
  • Increase Market Share

We have seen businesses attempt to grow while leaving their technology in place – a move that not only stalls business growth but gives your competitive edge away. CETA determines if your technology is working best for your business and whether there is room for improvement. Validation is done to ensure that your business objectives are fully met by your technology across your entire contact center. Our evaluation uncovers and presents methods to improve the experience for your customers as they interact with your contact center.

CETA consists of onsite interviews with business, technical, and contact center staff; a technology review focusing on TCO, existing architecture, communication channels, and applications; surveys of both your customers and staff; and a competitive landscape review. Recommendations and associated action items are provided in our report along with metrics that show how each improvement will affect your Customer Experience Score and what that means to your business.

Two years ago Dish Network engaged in a partnership with Integrated Voice Solutions for staff augmentation in IVR development. Shortly after we realized the potential IVS had to offer and engaged them to manage our IVR software maintenance and day-to-day operations in addition to the development. This has allowed my team to focus on strategic business initiatives while maintaining the operational excellence and flexibility Dish Network has come to expect.
Greg Johnston
IVR Principal Analyst Developer, Dish Network