Contact Center Development

Voice matters but Multi-Channel maximizes engagement

As a Multichannel Self-Service Company, IVS is evolving with technology to help you engage your customers on their terms, wherever they may be. ‘Press 1’ is no longer good enough in today’s ‘experience economy.’ Your customers want to interact with you when they want and using the method that is most convenient for them. Engagement is a 24/7 proposition these days and if you’re not listening, chances are your competition is.


Unified Interactions

IVS implements unified contact center solutions both on premise and in the cloud.  Omni-channel capabilities allow an interaction to start on one channel and finish on another.  It also allows the ability to pick up an interaction right where you left off even if you switch channels.  An Agent can also view all that has occurred for a Customer so a more personalized experience can be created.  Both Inbound and Outbound Interactions can be distributed to an Agent or served using automation.  Social channels such as Facebook and Twitter can also be included.

Our goal at IVS is to create powerful personal interactions that empower you to best connect with your customers.

Integrated Voice Response

IVRs have gotten a bad reputation from years of poorly designed interfaces and call center managers using them as a crutch to avoid a costlier human interaction. But call avoidance is exactly what is costing companies. IVS has the expertise to break this cycle by walking you through a modern technology makeover to transform your IVR into a positive experience on both sides of the call. Whether your objectives are contextual, personalized, geo-location based self-service, or to simply to make your IVR a profit generating machine, IVS can guide you toward seamless deployment.

Speech Recognition

IVS consultants have worked on some of the most groundbreaking speech recognition and voice biometrics implementations ever undertaken. Developing grammars is only part of the solution. But as much as our expertise allows us to to let you know what is possible, perhaps more importantly, our consultants guide you away from pursuing projects that will be expensive and ultimately, disappointing.


Over the last three years smart phones have turned customer service on its head.  IVS’ breadth of experience designing and developing self-service applications in the voice channel gives us a distinct advantage in providing solutions to maximize engagement.  Many think of mobile applications as “web” and try to utilize their website team to implement their mobile presence.  To provide the level of service customers demand today, a mobile app should have as much, if not more, in common with your IVR than your website.  IVS assists you in deploying a mobile presence that is concise, easy-to-use and on track to  become a self-service dynamo that’s fully integrated with your contact center.

Agent Desktop Integration

What the customer wants is the burning question for any company looking to build loyalty, or new business. If your agents don’t know in a moment both who’s calling and what they just attempted in the IVR, then you’re likely paying for unnecessary handle time and worse, annoying your callers.  CTI has been long viewed as an expensive add-on appropriate only for the largest of contact centers, but with the realization of the full potential of voice over IP, delivering all the details to your agents from the IVR and mobile channels is fast becoming the de facto standard.  Let IVS show you how.

Back-End Integrations

IVS consultants have been delivering self-service solutions since most of the data resided on mainframes.  While we’re glad we don’t need to “screen-scrape” very often anymore, we can if needed.  We’re even happier to build the web services based back-end integrations you may need to pull together all your data.

SMS | Social Media | IM

Text based channels continue to grow, thanks to the always connected consumer.  IVS can help you understand how these channels fit into your overall customer service strategy.  We’ve developed fully interactive, two-way text services for certain use cases, and have found that companies of all sizes can benefit from using this inexpensive method for proactive customer communication and confirmations.

IVS is fully equipped to lead your project


Complete Project Delivery

With our field-tested team of contact center professionals, IVS leads the way with complete flexibility in modeling our engagement with you to best tackle your project.  Nothing is impossible. Typically we work in one of three ways: Complete Project Delivery, Wrap Around (utilizing your staff as part of our project team) or Staff Augmentation for your existing team. Some enterprises discover it makes most sense to outsource the entire solution delivery. As a full service provider, IVS is well placed to deliver a complete self-service system meeting your full requirements. We harness all the resources required to design, develop, test and deploy your solution. And we stand behind every project we deliver.

Wrap Around

If you have a small team of in-house staff whose day-to-day responsibilities are to maintain and support the contact center solutions, IVS can provide a project delivery team to “wrap around” those professionals. This approach is typically used for projects where there are significant deliverables or transformational work that goes beyond the regular scope or skill-set of in-house staff. One example is when a new platform is being deployed and applications need be migrated to that new platform. IVS could take the lead in the migration and transformation of the applications. Throughout the project duration, your staff can be involved at the ideal point so that they’ll be trained and ready to resume their support role upon project completion.

Staff Augmentation

Many of our clients employ a team of development and support professionals for their contact center technology. IVS frequently installs additional resources into those teams to assist getting larger projects built and deployed in shorter time frames to minimize business disruption.

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