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Whichever self-service platform you have in place today—there are always alternate solutions

Replacing, upgrading, or enhancing your automated systems can be a daunting task. If you do not make the most optimal decisions, project timelines and cost can rapidly spiral out of control. One size does not fit all. Whether your strategy is an on-premise or a cloud-based solution, IVS is your trusted partner from conception to delighted end-users.

IVS has rich expertise in the self-service marketplace. With today’s complex, multi-channel interactions that background becomes increasingly valuable. We invest the necessary time to understand your business so that we can best serve your needs. And we ensure that you are best informed about the choices available to you so you can choose the right technology for your enterprise.

Whether your business is implementing multi-modal applications or deploying a point solution for a specific issue, having IVS experience on your team provides the confidence to make the right decisions.

Customer Premise Or Hosted

Traditionally, contact center platforms have been deployed at enterprise premises. Today the cloud allows us to more easily add capabilities for expansion.

With distributed computing, open web architecture and fast high-capacity data communications, the requirement for a self-service platform to be located with the systems it interfaces with has been relieved.  This has paved the way for more creative, flexible commercial arrangements for the deployment of self-service technology.

There are numerous technology providers who offer platforms on both per port licensing basis or as a managed service in the cloud. The more innovative providers are also able to offer a hybrid model where a system is installed at the enterprise and paid on the traditional model of licenses and ongoing maintenance and support.  In addition the system is configured for traffic to flow on to hosted services in the provider’s data center once the on premise system has reached capacity.

This means that the port count for the purchases solution can be lower without the risk of denying service because the system is at capacity. All the traffic operated by the hosted part of the solution is paid for as it is used.

Having almost near limitless resources at your disposal also gives you the ability to be more adventurous in adding functionality, or carrying out testing as there is no risk to increasing call times and therefore volumes. You have no limit on capacity.

IVS has built partnerships with the best hosted platform providers in the industry and can direct our consultants to guide you in your journey into the cloud.