IVS team members are industry veterans who bring hundreds of years’ collective experience on client projects

At IVS we’ve developed hundreds of applications for clients and leverage that knowledge and experience gained to accelerate every subsequent project that we undertake. As we have many years working on client projects, we know how to pull all the team members together, how to accurately zone in on the client requirements and to align a solution with those requirements. IVS’ straightforward methodology — Design, Function Point Analysis, Development, and Testing — has delivered results time and time again.

Contact Center Development




Our consultants are the best problem solvers in the business. We will work with you to assess your technical landscape and provide you with innovative methods to achieve your business goals. When IVS is selected to assist with your implementation we will utilize four phases of design: Scope, Requirements, High-Level Design, Detailed Design.


Scope is the defined outline and boundaries for your project. Our solutions engineers will take input from multiple areas of your business to ensure that all business goals are taken into account. Scope dictates what issues are to be remedied and how we can architect the best solution. Business processes, application functionality, security methodology, physical topology, integration, and technology platforms are decided in this phase.


In this phase of design, the goal is to identify the full functional requirements that the solution will deliver. IVS will work with you to define the proper functionality for your customers, and what is needed to achieve that. We will work with your business and technical teams to create a map of your requirements so that any restrictions are identified in advance preventing roadblocks or surprises when there is less opportunity for adjustment.

High Level Design

During this phase, IVS will lay out the blueprint to meet the solution requirements in block diagram form. Dialog interactions and user interfaces will be recommended. This is an iterative design process that allows us to move from high level sessions to detailed level sessions. Estimated timelines are determined for a successful project.

Detailed Design

In this phase, a full Solution Design Document is created and customer approval gained as a prelude to commencing development. Best practices and documentation conventions are part of the deliverable. This document contains all the information necessary to implement the solution. IVS kicks design up a notch. We know that the user interface is very important while solving your business needs.


Function Point Analysis


Providing hundreds of years combined experience in the contact center software market, IVS maintains an unbending commitment to quality combined with the know-how to exceed your requirements. IVS relies on Function Point Analysis (FPA) honed by feedback from hundreds of projects to provide accurate estimates based on fact not guesses. Our proven project methodology ensures successful projects that are delivered correctly the first time, within budget, and on schedule to give you a measurable Return on Investment.




Our development team has vast experience in developing self-service applications. The resounding principle in our application development is to modularize the applications so that code can be reused and more easily maintained. In this way, your applications will be less resource intensive, more stable and easier to troubleshoot.




Efficient and effective testing is critical to the success of your solution. We take a multi-phase approach to testing to ensure the ultimate success of the delivered applications.


Unit Testing

Each module, and each state within a module is reviewed and a test case created for it. The outputs are identified and documented. During the unit test, each state is exercised against the defined inputs, and the outputs measured and compared with what is expected.

Functional Testing

A functional test plan is created based on the Functional Requirements identified in the design documentation. Where the design says that the system must do something, a test case is created in the plan. Similar to unit testing, a set of test input criteria are created together with the expected outputs. When our test engineers execute the plan, they operate each function and ensure that the planned outputs, and/or error states occur as expected.

Integration Testing

In this phase we connect the application logic to your back-end systems to validate that all works according to plan. Field adjustments are made as needed.

QA/UAT Support

Optionally IVS can perform full Quality Assurance testing of your solution if you do not have a QA Team. Otherwise, we will assist your team during User Acceptance Testing.

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