Arca+ Migration

Call center tech has transitioned from proprietary IVR systems to open standards-based platforms

These new systems allow you to leverage industry standard architectures thereby driving down the cost to develop new applications, and reducing your ongoing maintenance and support charges.

However, our clients have millions of dollars invested into their existing IVR applications. Migrating to a new platform would mean having to make that investment again, making a platform move cost prohibitive for many companies.

Until now…

IVS recently introduced ARCA+, an automated method to migrate applications from legacy IVR systems to new systems. With Arca+ the migration of an application is completed in 25% of the time and at 50% the cost of a manual redevelopment effort.  Arca+ also takes advantage of new system features and the code will be the same as if it was developed from scratch. Using Arca+ for your migration also means not having to redesign your applications again.

To get started, let us provide you with a free, no obligation, analysis of your applications. From this analysis you will understand exactly how long it will take and how much it will cost to migrate your applications to your chosen new IVR system.

To see Arca+ in action check out

Arca+ Migration Made Easy in 5 Steps

Step 1: Import

We begin by using ‘adaptors’ to import your proprietary applications from platforms such as Edify EVIP or Intervoice IQ Talk. This is a fast automated process that translates your applications into our powerful intermediary state.

Step 2: Function Point Analysis (FPA)

As your applications are being imported, a function point analysis is completed.  This process fully analyzes your applications  and helps us determine what manual effort would be required to create those applications from scratch.  Arca+ provides a full breakdown of all the states (or function points) in the applications and shows what can be automated, and what cannot.

The output of the FPA tool tells us:

  • How much of the application Arca+ can generate automatically
  • A list of the states of the application that need to be migrated manually
  • How much manual work will be required to finish the migration
  • What the total work effort would be to manually redevelop the applications from scratch

Step 3: Export to your destination platform

Using an export adaptor your applications are output to code that will run on your chosen destination platform.

Step 4: Manual Finishing

Our development staff will take the generated code and hand finish the elements and states that cannot be automated by Arca+.

Step 5: Testing & Deployment

The hand-finished code is passed over to your team for deployment.  IVS supports you throughout the entire process.

Arca+ = No Risk

Migrating applications using Arca+ is a no-risk strategy. IVS guarantees delivery of fully functional and identical applications as part of this engagement.

Pricing for Arca+ migration is based on the effort level that would be required to develop the applications on the new platform manually. Depending on the automation rate, you would pay between 35-50% of the cost of a redevelopment effort and would receive the project in 25-30% of the time.

Download our migration datasheet that shows summary results of all the migration analysis that we have carried out so far. 

Arca+ Software has numerous import and export adaptors available that allow migration of application code to various platforms. Take a look at for full listing of the platforms available along with videos demonstrating the imports and exports. We also develop further adaptors as market needs dictate.

We have been working with our platform partners to introduce special pricing programs. We have pricing structures in place that enable our clients to migrate to a new open standards platform and not pay any more over the course of 5 years than they would incur for the maintenance and support of their existing platform over the same period.